Friday, April 29, 2011

Guests Say the Darndest Things... #4

Mickey's Smile
I was helping out Mickey this evening at Contemp & overheard this woman talking to her daughter (aprx. age 4)
Mom: "Look at Mickey's smile, it's like he got botox!"
Girl: "Mom? When do I get a butox smile?"
... I have no idea what followed, I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guests Say the Darndest Things... #3

What Beautiful Eyes
Was helping the ducks when a girl asked Daisy,
Girl 1: "Can I touch your eye?"
To which Daisy shakes her head and covers her eyes for protection. Girl turns to Donald,
Girl 1: "Can I touch your eyes?"
Donald shakes his head.
Girl 2: "Touch them anyway."
Girl 1 starts forward so Donald reaches out his hand to try & touch her eye, she didn't like it too much...
No, you can not touch his eyes!  Do YOU want someone's finger in your eye? I didn't think so.

D. Duck
I was helping Donald and Daisy this evening at a Special Event and a teenage guy comes up excited.  He goes straight to Donald to shake his hand.
Guy: "I am so honored to meet you Daffy.  This is awesome."
Attendant: "This is Donald and Daisy."
Guy: "This is cool, let's take a picture."
After taking a picture he walks away... about 10 minutes later he comes back with a different group.
Guy: "I'm gunna stand by Daffy."
Donald gets upset & walks away throwing his hands up frustrated that the guy keeps calling him Daffy.
Guy: "Hey, I want a picture with you!"
Donald gives up & stands to take the picture.
Guy: "Thanks Daffy, it's so great to meet you, thanks for the picture."
Girl: "That's Donald you idiot!"
Guy (turning back to Donald):  "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!  I thought your name was Daffy... my bad... I now understand why you were upset... Oops."

Yea oops... Come on people!  Donald is white & Daffy is black, Donald has a temper & Daffy has a sense of humor, Donald comes from Disney & Daffy is a Looney Tune!!!  Get them straight people!!!

I hope this clears up the confusion.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guests Say the Darndest Things... #2

My Favorite Animal
I was helping out Meeko and Pocahontas when this little girl about age 7 comes up to see them.  Pocahontas then started a wonderful conversation about animals which went something like this.
Poca: "What is your favorite animal?"
Girl: "I like cats!"
(Meeko was sad)
Poca: "Oh, Meeko are you sad she doesn't like raccoons? (Meeko nods) Oh, that's ok, Racoon are kind of like cats."
Girl: "And panda bears."
Poca: "How about we take a picture?"

I have no idea how a cat and a raccoon are like panda bears, but apparently they are similar :) ... how about we take a picture instead of laughing hysterically at this wonderful subject.  I love kids, without them my day would be dull haha.

Do You Have a Back Itch?
This next story did not come from a guest, but rather my roommate, but fits this subject best.
I was carrying groceries up the stairs & was waiting for Laura to come up to unlock the door when I noticed there was a package in front of our door so I told her.  "Oh Logan has a package."  She then gave me this funny look & inquired, "How do you know Logan has a back itch? You are outside..." I laughed & said "No, a package... not a back itch"... but I must admit... muffled as it was I can see how she got that & was confused haha.

Today I was helping with Rope for Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade I was holding the gate open for the floats & watching them pass... A boy about 7 was riding one of the floats and was so excited.  He threw both arms in the air as he passed and was screaming & cheering at the top of his lungs.  I turned to the other girl helping with rope & stated... there is no way he is going  to keep up all that energy through the end of parade.  Well about 45 minutes pass & we return through the gate finishing parade, & on the sidelines now off the float is the same boy, arms in the air screaming & cheering as each float passes.  I must say, I wish I had his energy & enthusiasm for sometimes I really lack it.  I bet he sleeps good tonight.  haha.

Well, that is all my stories for today.  Just waiting to see what wonderful things are in store for tomorrow :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a day!

Ah, it has been a wonderful day, definitely got my ab workout for the day from laughing so hard.  Got to work this morning to be wonderfully surprised to be working with a friend I haven't seen in forever!!!  It was great to catch up & remember exactly why I miss her so much :)  

We have been on the same wave length all day answering questions at the same time, practically mirroring each other while interacting at work which was kinda freaky & flipping an ascot in my eye while trying to help get Donald ready was just some of the morning excitement.  

After our shift this friend (who would prefer to remain nameless :P ) and I decided to enjoy the park.  We walked around Animal Kingdom & decided to go on Expedition Everest.  While on the lift over looking all of Walt Disney World I pointed out a few things.... our conversation went as follows...
Me: "Look, its Tower of Terror, The Epcot Ball, The tree from Avitar (jokingly pointing at the Tree of Life) 
Friend: "Where?" (looking around searching for said tree)
Me: "It was a joke.  It is the tree of life..."
Friend:  "Oh I thought you were serious." 
We get off, & ride again a time later... conversation on lift continues pretty much the same as above... you would have thought she would have learned the first time :) haha This is why I love my friends, they are as smart as I am.

We end up talking & teasing each other & I am not sure what all I said but it provoked the following warning...
Friend: "You better watch it or you might get hit in the eye again with an Amscot."
Me: "A what?"
Friend: "Amscot?... isn't that what you got smacked with this morning?"
Me: "You mean an ascot"
Friend: "Yea and askit" 
(for all of you that don't know, Amscot is a place you can get a cash advance, while an ascot is a scarf type thing)

It was a rather entertaining day, but to end it as we were leaving the park through the cast exit there is a revolving gate at the security check point.  It only fits one person at a time, so I go through, followed closely by my friend.  One thing she didn't know is said revolving gate locks in place after each person exits for a moment.  She unknowing keeps walking and slams straight into the gate, with comments that followed something like, "I didn't know it stopped" and "At least it wasn't an askit in my eye." Ah how I have missed my dear friend & will be very sad when she goes away again.  

More things happened that made me smile too many to list & somethings I can't remember at the moment but that is alright, it was still a wonderful day!  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guests Say the Darndest Things... #1

I have found myself continually overhearing the strangest conversations while at work & find some of them worthy of being shared if for no other reason then they made me smile whether because it is something cute or just plain stupid, I hope you will enjoy these random thoughts. I have a feeling these may become a regular thing on my blog.

Shh... It's a Secret.
While helping Donald this morning at Contemporary I heard this rather fun interaction.
Little Boy: "Donald, can you tell Mickey a secret?...." Donald nods and moves closer cupping his hand to ear to listen... Little boy gives him a high 5 thinking that was what he wanted & continues, "Donald, can you tell Mickey a secret...." and there is Silence... now what that secret was, I don't think anyone will ever know :)

Donald's #1
Donald was visiting a table (again at Contemp this morning) when the dad announces that Donald is his favorite, the little boy about age 3 turns to Donald very excited and exclaims "Guess what Donald, my dad's your favorite character!!" The mom then giggles & tries to correct, so the child repeats, "Yup, dad's his favorite character." It was so cute.

Over there!
I was at Magic Kingdom after working today just walking around and was over by Splash Mountain heading to leave when the family in front of me was talking rather loudly, this is what I overheard.
Guy: It's over there, hurry, come on! (Pointing up the path for the Big Thunder exit.)
Girl: What is?
Guy: Epcot, we are supposed to be meeting them there soon.
I hurried past them trying not to wet myself laughing... I don't know if they continued, but I would have loved to see them get up the exit & find it was not Epcot... & that it would be a long walk & monorail ride before they got there, I sure hope they weren't supposed to be meeting anyone terribly import at Epcot soon, cause they were definitely headed in the wrong direction.

Hope at least one of my little stories made you at least kinda smile, lame maybe but it is the little things that get me :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's that time of year again.

This has definitely not been my week, to start it off all of my friends that happen to be on the College Program are leaving to go back to their respective states and countries which is grand for them but leaves me with very few people that I know. Yes there are still my roomies, my FL fam & all of the FT cast members that I have grown to love but still it is sad to see people that you have worked closely with for a year just get up and leave. Yes, I knew this day would come, and for some it couldn't come soon enough but for a bunch I have been dreading the days that will come in the following weeks ... Days I go to work and no not a single person in my break room with the exception of the captain, having a back to back that has no idea what is going on because they just got out of training and are only going to be here 3 months because they are from Brazil... oh did i mention that they don't understand English... Not very fun. But then another group will come with a year contract from like Australia or Canada or the UK, we become friends and then once again they leave. I now understand why a lot of full time people are so bitter towards the CPs with no intention of getting to know them... because as soon as you do they just leave. It is rather depressing... but looking on the bright side... I now have friends in Australia, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Columbia, Japan, China and various other countries across the world which is kinda cool. Maybe one day I will be able to go to each country I have friends in that would be pretty awesome. I love to travel. One day. Well for all the CPs that just left. You will be missed, and to all that are soon to be joining us, welcome! It should be fun to get to know you.