Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guests Say the Darndest Things... #3

What Beautiful Eyes
Was helping the ducks when a girl asked Daisy,
Girl 1: "Can I touch your eye?"
To which Daisy shakes her head and covers her eyes for protection. Girl turns to Donald,
Girl 1: "Can I touch your eyes?"
Donald shakes his head.
Girl 2: "Touch them anyway."
Girl 1 starts forward so Donald reaches out his hand to try & touch her eye, she didn't like it too much...
No, you can not touch his eyes!  Do YOU want someone's finger in your eye? I didn't think so.

D. Duck
I was helping Donald and Daisy this evening at a Special Event and a teenage guy comes up excited.  He goes straight to Donald to shake his hand.
Guy: "I am so honored to meet you Daffy.  This is awesome."
Attendant: "This is Donald and Daisy."
Guy: "This is cool, let's take a picture."
After taking a picture he walks away... about 10 minutes later he comes back with a different group.
Guy: "I'm gunna stand by Daffy."
Donald gets upset & walks away throwing his hands up frustrated that the guy keeps calling him Daffy.
Guy: "Hey, I want a picture with you!"
Donald gives up & stands to take the picture.
Guy: "Thanks Daffy, it's so great to meet you, thanks for the picture."
Girl: "That's Donald you idiot!"
Guy (turning back to Donald):  "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!  I thought your name was Daffy... my bad... I now understand why you were upset... Oops."

Yea oops... Come on people!  Donald is white & Daffy is black, Donald has a temper & Daffy has a sense of humor, Donald comes from Disney & Daffy is a Looney Tune!!!  Get them straight people!!!

I hope this clears up the confusion.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guests Say the Darndest Things... #2

My Favorite Animal
I was helping out Meeko and Pocahontas when this little girl about age 7 comes up to see them.  Pocahontas then started a wonderful conversation about animals which went something like this.
Poca: "What is your favorite animal?"
Girl: "I like cats!"
(Meeko was sad)
Poca: "Oh, Meeko are you sad she doesn't like raccoons? (Meeko nods) Oh, that's ok, Racoon are kind of like cats."
Girl: "And panda bears."
Poca: "How about we take a picture?"

I have no idea how a cat and a raccoon are like panda bears, but apparently they are similar :) ... how about we take a picture instead of laughing hysterically at this wonderful subject.  I love kids, without them my day would be dull haha.

Do You Have a Back Itch?
This next story did not come from a guest, but rather my roommate, but fits this subject best.
I was carrying groceries up the stairs & was waiting for Laura to come up to unlock the door when I noticed there was a package in front of our door so I told her.  "Oh Logan has a package."  She then gave me this funny look & inquired, "How do you know Logan has a back itch? You are outside..." I laughed & said "No, a package... not a back itch"... but I must admit... muffled as it was I can see how she got that & was confused haha.

Today I was helping with Rope for Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade I was holding the gate open for the floats & watching them pass... A boy about 7 was riding one of the floats and was so excited.  He threw both arms in the air as he passed and was screaming & cheering at the top of his lungs.  I turned to the other girl helping with rope & stated... there is no way he is going  to keep up all that energy through the end of parade.  Well about 45 minutes pass & we return through the gate finishing parade, & on the sidelines now off the float is the same boy, arms in the air screaming & cheering as each float passes.  I must say, I wish I had his energy & enthusiasm for sometimes I really lack it.  I bet he sleeps good tonight.  haha.

Well, that is all my stories for today.  Just waiting to see what wonderful things are in store for tomorrow :)