Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Holidays?

So this last week I went away for the holidays! What a wonderful trip... Right? Wrong! So it started out good. We got on the plane to Vegas and that was great, and get to the hotel. The first night I can't sleep because there was a very loud symphony of snoring the whole night through. So Christmas Eve we head out to Parump, NV where my grandparents live. We get there and there is a water main break. So we call the restaurant to see if they have the water turned on and they assure us everything is fine and make our reservations for 8. We get to the restaurant, and they didn't have our reservation and the water is not back on and wanted to serve us on plastic ware... now tell me how they are washing their hands and doing dishes.... So we go somewhere else.
Christmas was better. We got to enjoy the Belagio Fountains... in the rain and were going to walk down the strip, but decided it would better if we didn't... Wise choice. By the time we got to the car it was pouring and the wind was blowing so hard the cars were rocking and when I jumped over a puddle it blew me 2 feet from where I wanted to land and straight into a car. We get to Excalibur and watch the Tournament of Kings and have their wonderful food!!! Defiantly the highlight of the trip.
We went to California and everything was great we got our bags, with out any being damaged... for a change, and we went and saw my favorite aunt and her kids! It was great to see them again!
On Sunday we were changing hotels and had all of the bags in the back of the car when we went to church with my aunt. While we were their our rental car was broken into where they stole my purse, my computer, and various other important objects. How wonderful.... NOT! So we ended up having to change plans for the day and ended up trying to problem solve instead of spending time with the family.
We get back to Utah finally and I realize that my keys were in my purse that was stolen and so I can't even get into my house and have to wait for my roommate to get home from work.
Finally, New Year's Eve everything is wonderful and going great! Our trip of crap is over... wrong again.
I go to the store and the game we wanted to get is sold out, I then go to 3 other stores all sold out. I finally find a different store with the game, which cost twice as much, I get to the cashier and realize that the only credit card of mine that should work, doesn't and somewhere between the house and that store I had lost $40.
So, the holidays have not been that great. But the New Year will be much better, because things can't get much worse.
I hope that your holidays have been better. One day I will be able to look back and remember this Christmas it is definitely one that I won't forget, and I will look back and laugh.
Happy Holidays! May your new year be full of happiness and joy.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Bad Day

So today has been a bad day. I get wokeen up at oh dark thirty to pick up my mom to take her to work. When I get there they are not ready to go... Go figure, and so I am there trying to make room in my car. They get in and me thinking that it is just a quick trip to the school and back am alright because I can be home and in my nice warm bed in just a short 10-20 minutes tops... Well it turns out I have to take Charlotte to school, and then my mom to the airport. Making my nice trip much longer then expected. So I get to the airport, and get out and realize I can't go straight to work because I don't have any of my stuff that I need for work so I go home and end up falling asleep for an hour. So I get up, and go to my car. I end up running out of gas, so I get to the gas station, and fill up with gas. So I get to work and what do I do? I lock my freakin key in the car! Could my day honestly get any worse? Of course it can! So I am scheduling meetings today for my company and am just doing my job and I dail one of the numbers and it starts ringing before I have finsihed dialing the numbers, so I hangup and make sure I have the right number and before I can redial I get a call back so, I answer the phone and it is 911 calling about our "emergency" which does not exist. So I talk to her for a minute, and then we hang up. A couple minutes later, a cop shows up and asks a bunch of questions because of my stupid mistake, because I didn't dial 9911 aparently... Grr... So it has been a very frustrating day... Hopefully, it will get better soon.