Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's that time of year again.

This has definitely not been my week, to start it off all of my friends that happen to be on the College Program are leaving to go back to their respective states and countries which is grand for them but leaves me with very few people that I know. Yes there are still my roomies, my FL fam & all of the FT cast members that I have grown to love but still it is sad to see people that you have worked closely with for a year just get up and leave. Yes, I knew this day would come, and for some it couldn't come soon enough but for a bunch I have been dreading the days that will come in the following weeks ... Days I go to work and no not a single person in my break room with the exception of the captain, having a back to back that has no idea what is going on because they just got out of training and are only going to be here 3 months because they are from Brazil... oh did i mention that they don't understand English... Not very fun. But then another group will come with a year contract from like Australia or Canada or the UK, we become friends and then once again they leave. I now understand why a lot of full time people are so bitter towards the CPs with no intention of getting to know them... because as soon as you do they just leave. It is rather depressing... but looking on the bright side... I now have friends in Australia, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Columbia, Japan, China and various other countries across the world which is kinda cool. Maybe one day I will be able to go to each country I have friends in that would be pretty awesome. I love to travel. One day. Well for all the CPs that just left. You will be missed, and to all that are soon to be joining us, welcome! It should be fun to get to know you.