Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Bad Day

So today has been a bad day. I get wokeen up at oh dark thirty to pick up my mom to take her to work. When I get there they are not ready to go... Go figure, and so I am there trying to make room in my car. They get in and me thinking that it is just a quick trip to the school and back am alright because I can be home and in my nice warm bed in just a short 10-20 minutes tops... Well it turns out I have to take Charlotte to school, and then my mom to the airport. Making my nice trip much longer then expected. So I get to the airport, and get out and realize I can't go straight to work because I don't have any of my stuff that I need for work so I go home and end up falling asleep for an hour. So I get up, and go to my car. I end up running out of gas, so I get to the gas station, and fill up with gas. So I get to work and what do I do? I lock my freakin key in the car! Could my day honestly get any worse? Of course it can! So I am scheduling meetings today for my company and am just doing my job and I dail one of the numbers and it starts ringing before I have finsihed dialing the numbers, so I hangup and make sure I have the right number and before I can redial I get a call back so, I answer the phone and it is 911 calling about our "emergency" which does not exist. So I talk to her for a minute, and then we hang up. A couple minutes later, a cop shows up and asks a bunch of questions because of my stupid mistake, because I didn't dial 9911 aparently... Grr... So it has been a very frustrating day... Hopefully, it will get better soon.

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Liz said...

Keep your head up! It sounds like it was an awful day, but hopefully you won't have one again for awhile!!