Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guests Say the Darndest Things... #1

I have found myself continually overhearing the strangest conversations while at work & find some of them worthy of being shared if for no other reason then they made me smile whether because it is something cute or just plain stupid, I hope you will enjoy these random thoughts. I have a feeling these may become a regular thing on my blog.

Shh... It's a Secret.
While helping Donald this morning at Contemporary I heard this rather fun interaction.
Little Boy: "Donald, can you tell Mickey a secret?...." Donald nods and moves closer cupping his hand to ear to listen... Little boy gives him a high 5 thinking that was what he wanted & continues, "Donald, can you tell Mickey a secret...." and there is Silence... now what that secret was, I don't think anyone will ever know :)

Donald's #1
Donald was visiting a table (again at Contemp this morning) when the dad announces that Donald is his favorite, the little boy about age 3 turns to Donald very excited and exclaims "Guess what Donald, my dad's your favorite character!!" The mom then giggles & tries to correct, so the child repeats, "Yup, dad's his favorite character." It was so cute.

Over there!
I was at Magic Kingdom after working today just walking around and was over by Splash Mountain heading to leave when the family in front of me was talking rather loudly, this is what I overheard.
Guy: It's over there, hurry, come on! (Pointing up the path for the Big Thunder exit.)
Girl: What is?
Guy: Epcot, we are supposed to be meeting them there soon.
I hurried past them trying not to wet myself laughing... I don't know if they continued, but I would have loved to see them get up the exit & find it was not Epcot... & that it would be a long walk & monorail ride before they got there, I sure hope they weren't supposed to be meeting anyone terribly import at Epcot soon, cause they were definitely headed in the wrong direction.

Hope at least one of my little stories made you at least kinda smile, lame maybe but it is the little things that get me :)

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