Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a day!

Ah, it has been a wonderful day, definitely got my ab workout for the day from laughing so hard.  Got to work this morning to be wonderfully surprised to be working with a friend I haven't seen in forever!!!  It was great to catch up & remember exactly why I miss her so much :)  

We have been on the same wave length all day answering questions at the same time, practically mirroring each other while interacting at work which was kinda freaky & flipping an ascot in my eye while trying to help get Donald ready was just some of the morning excitement.  

After our shift this friend (who would prefer to remain nameless :P ) and I decided to enjoy the park.  We walked around Animal Kingdom & decided to go on Expedition Everest.  While on the lift over looking all of Walt Disney World I pointed out a few things.... our conversation went as follows...
Me: "Look, its Tower of Terror, The Epcot Ball, The tree from Avitar (jokingly pointing at the Tree of Life) 
Friend: "Where?" (looking around searching for said tree)
Me: "It was a joke.  It is the tree of life..."
Friend:  "Oh I thought you were serious." 
We get off, & ride again a time later... conversation on lift continues pretty much the same as above... you would have thought she would have learned the first time :) haha This is why I love my friends, they are as smart as I am.

We end up talking & teasing each other & I am not sure what all I said but it provoked the following warning...
Friend: "You better watch it or you might get hit in the eye again with an Amscot."
Me: "A what?"
Friend: "Amscot?... isn't that what you got smacked with this morning?"
Me: "You mean an ascot"
Friend: "Yea and askit" 
(for all of you that don't know, Amscot is a place you can get a cash advance, while an ascot is a scarf type thing)

It was a rather entertaining day, but to end it as we were leaving the park through the cast exit there is a revolving gate at the security check point.  It only fits one person at a time, so I go through, followed closely by my friend.  One thing she didn't know is said revolving gate locks in place after each person exits for a moment.  She unknowing keeps walking and slams straight into the gate, with comments that followed something like, "I didn't know it stopped" and "At least it wasn't an askit in my eye." Ah how I have missed my dear friend & will be very sad when she goes away again.  

More things happened that made me smile too many to list & somethings I can't remember at the moment but that is alright, it was still a wonderful day!  

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