Saturday, January 7, 2012

Is it really 2012!

Well, it is the beginning of yet another year to procrastinate... I could say that I am going to be better at writing up here, or that I am going to exercise more, or do p90x, or eat better, and crap like that but I know I won't stick to it, so wy make promises I can't keep.  What I can do is share my hopes though...

My hopes for this year are that I will be more positive, and not push people away.
I hope to get a job with Disney Cruise Line and enjoying every second of it.
I hope to work on at least 1 film project this year.
and I hope to be able to get out of debt, while still being able to enjoy life to fullest.

Yes, I know some of these hopes are far fetched and unattainable at the moment... but these are my hopes... not goals... Only God knows what is in store... I hope he brings the best!  

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