Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

It is kinda sad to see 2010 come to an end but I am excited to know what 2011 will hold in store for me. I have had a though year but it has had its wonderful bits about them as well. As I strive to focus on the positive and let the negative just melt into the background I find myself writing this post.

Memories from 2010:
-Moving in with Laura
-Making wonderful new friends!
-Seeing my Best Friend Kortnie get married
-Seeing my dear friends from high school return from 2 long years from their missions
-Having a wonderful job!
-Going on my very first cruise with Disney!!!
-Working on Den Brother

Hopes for 2011:
-More patience with myself and others
-More traveling (at least 2 cruises)
-More time for friends and family
-More positive attitude toward myself, others and life.
-Going to church more often.
-Get at least 1/4 the way through P90X (preferably the whole way but me being realistic... its not gunna happen so settling a reasonable resolution is 1/4)
-More film projects
-Remembering to blog at least once a month.

Thank you for being a part of my life may the Lord be with you! Happy New Year!!!

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Rich Sanders said...

Not bad.

I have a p90x tip if you're interested. When I couldn't finish it before, it was because I wasn't flexible enough to do 90 minutes of yoga. So they give you some extra discs you can use to sort of customize the workout.

e.g. my troubles were with plyometrics and yoga so I modified the workout order to be:
Chest and Back
Cardio X (not Plyometrics)
Shoulders and Arms
Stretch X (not Yoga)
Legs and Back

And that's the order I use for the first three weeks. Yoga and Plyometrics might not be your problem, but if it is then there's a possible solution to help you get your routine going.